My Military Valentine (2024)

My Military Valentine (2024) - Dramacool

Other name: Bloody Romance , Peeta Love , Blood Riding Love , Pitaneun Yeonae


A story of Inter-Korean romance and unification between a South Korean world star who has enlisted in the military and a North Korean female soldier.

Lloyd is a world star who has female fans all around the globe. Although he’s a world class star who swept all of South Korea’s 21st century artist records, he enlists in the military after being swept up in some form of conspiracy and experiences a whirlwind of events.

Second lieutenant Baek Young Ok leads North Korea’s eighth army in the special forces. In contrast to her beautiful appearance, Baek Young Ok has a cynical charm and a flawless personality.

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2024

Genre: Comedy, Military, Romance, Warrior

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